you touched us all with your expressionless face

Welp, I’m stuck on that 3AM shift for an indefinite amount of time… One of the people that was supposed to do it is a crybaby and the other is off having a kid. o3o I’ve completely given up and have just shifted my daily routine back 8 hours so that I wake up before the sun comes up every day. DID YOU KNOW THE BIRDS START CHIRPING AFTER 3AM HERE?! -cries-

If you’ve been perusing the site for the past couple of weeks, you may have noticed that I’ve started going to town on new requests! There is a new userlookup for Sankarea and a second layout featuring Cait Sith of Final Fantasy XIV. I stole the quotes from the VII incarnate since it actually doesn’t speak in XIV. :x

This cute and cuddly cat is also available as a downloadable vector!

I’ve added some more scans to MT, namely elDLIVE scans. I haven’t started the KHR section yet, but I don’t think I’ll share much. I am expecting some new scan material to arrive tomorrow though. :x

Aaaaand there are of course new icons! Dissidia (1), Final Fantasy XIII (1), Bleach (2), Psycho Pass (1), One Piece (1), & Naruto (2).

That is all. 8|

Listening to: “Call Me” – St. Paul & The Broken Bones