It’s November?

Welp, I am very sorry that things have slowed around here. I don’t mean to abandon anything, but my personal life has me preoccupied. In a good way, for once! xP Anyway, it took me an extra two weeks to get this out and I’m sorry for that. Things might be slower than usual for a little while, although I do have an actual four day weekend coming up. My boss basically made me take Thanksgiving off, lol. The family jumped on that once I told them, so I’ll be flying out to see some of them. I don’t expect to be busy the whole time though. C: -knocks on wood-

So I finally finished scanning the Sengoku Basara 2015 calendar. Actually, I had it scanned and pieced together weeks ago, I just finally managed to clean it. XP It’s so tedious… Anyways, it’s up at Minitokyo. Again, if you do not have an account with the site, the scans can take several days to become visible for you. (Signing up is painfully simple.)

I thought it might be fun to try my hand at more ‘themeless’ layouts, if that makes sense. Layouts that are customizable and rely less on actual graphics to make them look cool. I did some pretty extensive testing, so I’m hoping these work across the board for everyone. The first beta layout is a three-column blog-style userlookup layout, seen here. I made an effort to consider browsers, operating systems, amount of personal content, available character space, etc. Granted, Neopets userlookups are still in a state of slight disarray since the transition, so there may be additional updates to this layout in the future. Ie. pictures are still broken and ads are currently still displaying for people without adblockers. I did add coding to remove the ads on this particular layout. It’s the only layout I’ve equipped with it so far. See CSS|Guide for tips on removing ads from your userlookup. I’m still hoping that TNT removes the ads on their own, before I poke and prod several hundred layouts. xAx

Anyways, that’s it for now. I hope you guys’ll hear from me real soon! C:

Listening to: “Shut up and Dance” – WALK THE MOON & “Rumble & Sway (Imagine Dragons Remix)” – Jamie N Commons