Bring on the 12

Please excuse my absence lately! Think it’s time I said something rather than try to find a time to update. I’m still juggling a lot right now. Without getting into too much detail, I’ve been concerned about a friend’s well being for a while and they appear to be getting substantially worse. I’m even starting to worry about leaving them on their own. Work also spiraled into a tailspin. Between firings and life-altering injuries, everyone’s being asked to pull more weight than usual, myself included. Those are the two major problems in my life and they are exhausting me.

I’m also buying my own place and that’s been a bit of a headache (I haven’t even moved yet!). I’m hoping to move in or be in the process of moving in around Valentine’s day. Wooo!

And poor Neopets has had issues with their servers and content migration since they were bought out, so on the days when I’ve had the time to code, I haven’t been able to. o3o I think those issues have mostly been fixed now (except for the occasional planned downtime), so I’ll see about getting around to coding some stuff when I can. Kudos to TNT on the move! It was a big one and I’m glad most of the users were understanding during all of the lag/transitioning. Reminds me that the community is actually more mature than you’d expect.

Listening to: “Uptown Funk” – Mark Ronson & “Ex’s & Oh’s” – Elle King