Requests Closed!

Alrighty! Requests are once again closed! I’ll work as quickly as I can to complete as many of your requests as I can by next summer! I know I have a lot of ground to cover now that I lost a month too!

I was looking at a few shop requests and actually remembered that there’s been a problem with our shop layouts on some browsers. But not all of the shop layouts. Just the ones without the sidebars. I realized this shortly before my laptop had its fit, but couldn’t work on the problem until I got my computer back. It’s nothing cataclysmic, but I went ahead and reworked a portion of the code so everything displays appropriately now. It should work across the board, but if you notice any problems, please contact me! I’d like to know your operating system and browser type/version. Shop layouts are some of the hardest to maintain because the filters in that section of Neopets are infamously difficult to code around and tend to receive quiet updates from time to time.

Any shop layout dated 9/8/2014 should be replaced, even if you don’t personally see any problems. (Think of your poor shoppers!)

Hope to have some goodies for you guys soon!~

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