Here comes the text wall!

Goodness. Where do I even begin? This month has been plagued with work and rotten luck. My job has had a pretty firm grip on me for a while. Quite possibly the laziest person in the world works with me and he’s called out for the past month. I’ve been picking up the majority of his shifts. It started with a legitimate illness, but now he appears to be maxing out his EIB time. He should only be away from work right now if he’s blind or contagious, and given his constant Facebook updates from various locations around the city (mostly food related), he seems to be pretty freaking peachy. Because of him, I lost nearly all of my weekends this month and I’ve been lucky if I even get two consecutive days off. He started by calling out on the fourth of July and that holiday weekend… When you’re working 3AM shifts, being called in the morning after the fourth of July makes you sick to your stomach. Particularly when fireworks have kept you from getting less than a couple hours of sleep for several nights. My neighbors started lighting fireworks around 3 in the afternoon on the 4th. When I left for work after 2AM, they were still lighting them. Earplugs and sleeping pills couldn’t keep me asleep.

O____O I was soooo excited when today finally came around. I was pumped to play around on the computer and make some layouts, but my laptop is kaput. Hopefully it isn’t too serious. It seems the adaptor is sending my computer an incorrect wattage now. Whenever my laptop is plugged in, it immediately shuts down. Not a nice shut down. Like a someone-ripped-the-battery-out-of-it, shutdown. The adaptor appears to have been crummy for a while. It just finally hit that point where the computer needed to protect itself. Otherwise, the laptop runs fine (albeit the battery is slowly being drained since it can’t recharge). So, I have expedited a new adaptor for it which should arrive in a day or two… just in time for me to go back to work. =___= And like I said, hopefully it’s just a quick swap and it’s all fixed. If not, I’ll need to take the laptop in for repairs. -collapse- At least my internet is finally fixed! Haha, that was a horrible couple of weeks…

Now you’re caught up on my less than majestical July. As I said, I was planning on using today and tomorrow to make more things, but that’s out of the question now. If you’re wondering, I’m on the family Mac. None of the programs I like to use are compatible with it. All I have to share is a requested layout that was made a few days ago featuring Erza from Fairy Tail. I’m sorry I’m going at such a slow pace with the requests. I’ve really just had the worst time this month.

I guess the layout isn’t all that I have. I also scanned some items from here and there. It’s such a hodgepodge of images, but you can see them all here. There’s some Sengoku Basara, Katekyo, Kuroshitsuji, Magi, and even some FFX-2. There were two additional scans, but they have since been replaced with other versions, which I can’t comment on without sounding like a bitter 5 year old right now. xC It gives me some ideas though…

Edit: So I have a new adaptor, but it’s not quite doing the trick. My computer is accepting it enough to stay on when it’s popped in, but it still creates errors on start-up and doesn’t charge the battery. I’ll have to take everything in for repairs. yaaaaay

Listening to: “Dance With Me Tonight” – Olly Murs & “Bang Bang” – Jessie J., Ariana Grande, & Nicki Minaj