You Make A Good Other

My thing-a-ma-jigit arrived in the mail! It was a copy of the Kingdom Hearts Series Memorial Ultimania. Lol, no, I never finished getting through my Final Fantasy Memorials… I’m behind, like I said. Lotsa the scans are up on Minitokyo, though there are more to come. And a lot of them are of artwork you’ve already seen. They’re just bigger and better than what’s widely available.

This has given me a project idea, but I haven’t decided if I want to act on it because I think I might lose interest and just waste loads of time. At any rate, it might have to come after another, bigger project. Ain’t nobody got time for that! Not very insightful either, but at least you all know I might not-really be planning something. XD Anyways, I’ll leave an edit when I finish submitting scans. There are presently 29 available.

Edit: Aaaand done! I skipped over quite a bit of content… for the time being, but the juicy stuff is there.

Listening to: “Hypnotized” – Fever Fever & “Title” – Meghan Trainor