Your limousines get stuck in traffic

Apologies for my absence again. There have been some shake-ups at one of my jobs but things are settling down enough that I can get myself into some sort of routine. Currently, I’m working 2 alternating shifts. One at 5:00AM and another at 1:30PM. You can imagine, my sleep schedule is bonkers. I do more napping than anything else with my time off. 3 more weeks of this and we’ll see if it changes any. Although, I’m afraid I might get bumped up to an even more horrific time slot of 3:00AM in the coming weeks. x.x I’m preparing my puppy-dog eyes for the boss as we speak.

I’m really sorry that the Cbox locked everyone out for a little while. I saw the expiration warning email a day after it expired and since the Cbox was still working, I promptly ignored it! C8 Several weeks later, I realized that it had locked itself and I fetched a credit card. 8C I am so cheap… If I can get out of paying for something, I will. Speaking of which, Towai will be taking full advantage of Imageshack’s services now. You might have noticed URLs for both Imageshack and Photobucket in the layout codes. Long story short, PB doesn’t allow web-view images to exceed 1000 pixels… which is a problem for us. Also unfortunate is the fact that Towai has reluctantly stuck with Photobucket since its inception and, thus, has 17,837 images loaded onto its PB account as of this post. @.@ As you can imagine, transferring all of those images to Imageshack would turn me into a homicidal maniac. I’d rather just take the hit and pay for pro accounts on both sites for the time being, since Imageshack recently swapped over to paid services. So if you were ever curious about the dual-URL thing, there ya go! To anyone considering PB as a host… don’t. This is the second time they’ve seriously screwed with the services I paid for and I’d be lying if I said I wasn’t expecting more disappointment in the future. o___o

8D Alrighty! So that new petpage style is up, finally! It’s not as spiff-mazing as originally conceived due to Neopets restrictions, but, hey, it’s still neat. You can see it in action here. The links up top serve as your navigation for the layout. There are two options to get back to the top. I added an arrow in the lower right corner in addition to the link in the bar to give you guys options and to potentially free up link space. I almost nixed the layout entirely because saving it is such a pain. I at least made the save button visible, although it’s under a div, so you can’t click it. Just Shift+Tab until it’s highlighted and then press ‘Enter’. I hope TNT changes how you save petpages at some point because the current format really is a pain. I also used this layout style in a modified form for CSS|Guide. I tried to make it as browser and resolution friendly as possible. Again, couldn’t do everything I wanted to with it, but the end result isn’t too bad. It may get a few slight tweaks in the future. I did add and remove a couple things in the guide. You can read the site’s update for the complete picture, but I got to tear down a few codes that aren’t necessary now that Neopets is under new ownership. Pretty jazzed about those app rumors!

There is one new userlookup layout available that was requested for Angel Beats! :o) Yep, I’m still trying to push through all of those requests!

I also have a pretty solid batch of icons ready for you guys! Here’s the list: Sengoku Basara (1), Revolutionary Girl Utena (1), Final Fantasy Type-0 (2), Attack on Titan (1), and Free! (6).

Hopefully I’ll get my bounce back real soon here. I will be somewhat occupied next weekend, however. It’s a coworker’s birthday on Monday and I promised him cake. To my dismay, he was displeased with my original offer of Easy-Bake cake and has insisted that I properly bake for him. Little does he know that I cannot actually bake. Hence the Easy-Bake joke was not actually a joke. 8C

Listening to: “Cheap Sunglasses” – RAC & “Can You Do This” – Aloe Blacc