3 Months Later…

Can I start by saying that Photobucket can go die? I’m clicking around and the images I have on this site that are hosted by them don’t save properly. WHAT CAN YOU DO RIGHT, PHOTOBUCKET?! If I didn’t have 18,000 files on their site, I’d switch over in a heartbeat. I guess I’m going to continue uploading my files to ImageShack instead.

I also have a problem with you WordPress and/or my host. STOP AUTOMATICALLY UPDATING WITHOUT MY PERMISSION. I have to rewrite the formatting file every freaking time because of WordPress’ obnoxious auto paragraph function. For that matter, STOP COMING OUT WITH UPDATES EVERY OTHER WEEK, WORDPRESS. GET IT RIGHT THE FIRST TIME. Technology is making me want to gouge my eyes out, I swear. x.o

Back to more relevant things… I’m sorry it’s taken me so long to get back to Towai. A few big things have come up. The biggest is that my bf joined the Army and recently left for training. I’ve been super bummed about it and haven’t been coping as well as I thought I would. I’m brightening up a bit though. While I don’t know exactly how long he’ll be gone for, because of the job he has his sights set on, I will get to see him for a day or two in October. It’s a small light at the end of my tunnel. So, please excuse me if I’m a little quieter around here. I’m not really as focused as I used to be.

Moving along… There’s a new userlookup layout featuring the crew from Final Fantasy XV. It’s a little more unique for me because it was made with larger resolution monitors in mind. I also prepped an altered render of Noctis for y’all to use if you’d like. That demo is amazing, yea? :D Even got the bf pumped for the game before he left. Although neither of us has felled the Catoblepas yet. The odds of being the first to do so are decidedly in my favor right now.

There are also quite a few new icons. I’ve had some prepared for a couple months now. e.e I think I’m losing my touch, lol. Anyways, I’ve got icons for Fairy Tail (2), Final Fantasy Type-0 (2), Marvel (1), One Piece (1), Final Fantasy XV (2), Frozen, Final Fantasy XIII (4), Walking Dead (2), & Assassin’s Creed (2).

Listening to: “Here” – Alessia Cara & “Ghost” – Halsey