Lovelies, Assemble!

Well, my babies, I need to hang it up. I just have too much going on right now. Family, school, work. I can’t keep Towai in there too, unfortunately, and I don’t see my life slowing down any time soon. So, here’s how this is gonna go:

Affiliates and exchanges, feel free to drop us. No hard feelings.

Photo accounts should remain for roughly one more year. Once my premiums expire, images may either break or vanish or nothing. I won’t actively delete anything.

Towai will stay standing for 10 more months. Then we go poof!

I relinquish all codes. You can use them without crediting back (but don’t take credit for making them, guys, that’s douchy).

I will remain on Minitokyo for scan/image sharing. UN: Somnus

I’m contemplating restarting a Tumblr, just for those who want to keep in touch and in the off chance I want to make a fancy thing. :P But nothing started yet. I got 10 months to sort it out…

Friends, contact me on how to stay in touch. I haven’t checked in with Neopets in some time either, so you’re better off posting here or waiting for my eventual email replay. :P

Look for me in Contest of Champions, my latest game obsession. UN: Pigglypenguins

Feel free to ask me about anything else I haven’t covered! o3o