Apologies again for not getting around to proper updates. I’ve been rushing to accumulate as much paperwork as possible for my loan officer so that I can move into my new place ASAP (should be sometime this week!!!). Unfortunately, my car rather suddenly tanked on me a week ago and is in for some rather expensive repairs. Goodbye tax refund (and new furniture money). x.x Aaaaand this past week has been miserable at work too. I hope next week will be better, although I will be working close to 60 hours. Yay, life!

Welp, here’s part 1! I had these layouts added to the site last weekend, but didn’t have time to give them a formal introduction. There is a third layout that I have not yet coded and I suspect a fourth will follow it relatively quickly. So, keep your eyes peeled! Both were requested so I hope they are to your liking. The first is a rather simple click layout featuring the crew of Cowboy Bebop. I realize the resolution for this one is rather large, but that seems to be the biggest complaint I hear about my layouts (that they are often too small). So… there you go. The second layout is a Hellsing themed layout. I felt red and black was a safe color combination. :P

Curiously, I had some problems getting my Firefox to load the layout images for the two newest layouts. Please let me know if you run into such issues too. It was the only browser to have any difficulty. The others seemed to handle things just fine.

As an added treat, I uploaded the cover (front and back) of the new Naruto artbook to Minitokyo. I’m in no rush to upload the whole thing right now (nor am I planning to share the entire book… I believe I’ve shared my quarrels about freeloading fiends enough times now; won’t re-preach atm.). If you want your own copy, most respectable retailers are sold out atm. Wait a couple months and they’ll start to restock. It sells for about $15. Pretty freaking cheap.

I’m holding onto my new icons a little bit longer too. Bwuahahaha! :x

Listening to: “Memories” – Panic! At the Disco & “The Nights” – Avicii