Let Me Down Easy

Well, I guess this was a good time to move homes. Neopets and I totally coordinated that. Like, “What? You movin’, Dark? No worries, we got this. BAM! User lookups disabled indefinitely. You’re welcome.” XD I kid, but what brilliant timing, really! No doubt, I’ve been busy. Officially moved 3 weeks ago, but I’m still living in boxes, somewhat. I haven’t taken any time off from work, so I’ve been too tired to sincerely tackle the un-boxing situation. And people won’t stop bugging me. Something funny happens when you move. All of your friends and family try to unload all of their hand-me-downs on you. XD There were things I turned down that still found their way onto the freaking moving truck. I only realized it after we started unloading it though. Sneaky devils… AND OMG! It isn’t just moving monopolizing my time. My baby… FFXV Episode Duscae! Precious baby… Y’all had no chance this month. XD As soon as I preordered for my demo, I gave the BF marching orders: “YOUR PS4. MY HOUSE. MARCH 17TH. DO OR DIE.” He surrendered it a full week early because the 17th was an inconvenient date. Cx Even he’s looking forward to the full game now (although he is upset that he has to play the demo under my login credentials >D).

Good news though! My work hours changed. I only have to go in 4 days a week now, but they’re 10.5 hour shifts. x.o That means I have 3 days off a week now so I should be lazing around here more often. :p But bad news, I have misplaced the icons I had finished so those’ll have to wait for another update. XD Since the last update, I did add a new user lookup layout For Final Fantasy XIII. But… userlookups are down, as we already know… so… yea. A for effort? x.o

Hope you’re all doing alright! I’m making an honest effort to stay ontop of my email a little better too, but please ping me in the shoutbox if you think I’m slacking. XD

Listening to: “Let Me Down Easy” – Sheppard & “Nobody Love” – Tori Kelly