There has been an awakening… have you felt it?

Hello my pretties! Thought I’d stop by and talk about what’s been going on around here… or lack thereof. :P Sorry I’ve been mum about everything. I prefer to type these things out when I have pretty things to share, but I really haven’t been working on much (and what I have, I need to find again and finish, lol). Um, so, I think in my last update, I mentioned that the bf had gone to basic training and whatnot. Well, he came back last month for 3 weeks. And a week ago, he left for overseas and will be gone for a year. Unfortunately, I can’t tag along for a handful of reasons, but we’re Skyping 24/7, practically. xP And, actually, we got hitched in the 3 weeks he was home. It was the most casual “ceremony” ever, which I loved. Pretty much just signed documents. No dressing up, no family, no dancing, no awkward emotional outbursts, no unwanted extra attention. Perfect. B)

So, yea… there was that. XD I very much had a minimal presence online while he was home. And now that he’s away, I’m considering getting certified in a certain medical field, which will require me to do another 2 years of school. And I’d also have to stay working full time at my job. o3o So, I’d be an absolute monster, lol. Not sure if I’ll jump on that crazy train though. I’d have to drive into the city and I’m not fond of city driving. And I’m told the program is highly competitive. Worse, the only other competing program (which I would have preferred) was eliminated last month. So, my expectations are low. Although I’m studying some online courses to give me a leg up if I do get in. XD Anyways, I’ve had a lot going on. And New Years is coming up, unfortunately. Which I will be working through, and my dog will inevitably have a heart attack every night for the two weeks around it because my neighbors, I’ve learned, love fireworks in the worst way imaginable. So I’ll be on edge for a while.

Someday though, this place will get a proper update. I haven’t given up on it in the slightest. :P I’ve just really had too much going on. And all that doesn’t even include work related drama, lol. ANYWAYS, I’m alive. I have plans. I have no idea when the next update will be, but I’m working on it. :D I don’t anticipate anything before the end of the year though, so…

:D Hope to see you again soon!

Listening to: “Happy Holiday (Beef Wellington Remix)” – Bing Crosby & “Spread A Little Love” – Sam Sparro